Liver disease caused by alcohol. Symptoms, treatment.

Liver disease caused by alcohol.

Liver disease caused by alcohol – a complication that occurs with prolonged alcohol abuse. Persons suffering from alcoholism for over ten years are more likely to its occurrence. General deterioration in human health accompanies it. Symptoms reduce the quality of life.

The majority of drinkers, in addition to all chronic alcoholics, have problems with liver damage – this is a well-known fact. The connection between alcohol abuse and liver disease has been noticed from the physicians of ancient Greece, also, was described in ancient Indian manuscripts.

Liver disease caused by alcohol.
The liver interacts with the entire body.


Symptoms of pathology don’t appear instantly. In the beginning, the disease can go undetected. There are not any complaints from patients at this time.

Top 5 symptoms

  • Acute pain in the right side;
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Bloating;
  • Loss of appetite;


One of the primary conditions for the effective treatment of alcoholic liver disease – a strict ban on alcohol. In many countries, alcoholic liver disease has become increasingly common, while the prevalence of other liver diseases does not change or even decreases.

Surgical treatment in rare cases. It’s necessary at the last stage of alcoholic liver disease. The intervention is an organ transplant. It requires a full rejection of alcohol for six months. The successful operation can raise the percentage of five-year survival rate to 60 percent. In many nations, alcoholic liver disease has become increasingly common, while the incidence of other liver diseases does not change or even decreases.


Persons suffering from the alcoholic disease are at risk of developing liver cancer.

To reduce the likelihood of cancer, drink alcohol in adequate doses. This is especially true of the population of middle age and older age.

  • Liver cancer;
  • Depression of renal function;
  • Erato-pulmonary syndrome – a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood;
  • Gut disorders;
  • Gut Harm;
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • Peritonitis – inflammation in the peritoneum;
  • Infertility;
  • Departure

Liver disease. What is it?

Liver diseases are typical immediately after neurological and cardiovascular disorders. Issues arise against the history of infection with viruses, injuries, and misuse of damaging alcohol and food, gastrointestinal abnormalities. Most liver pathology’s in adults and children possess precisely the same clinical picture.

Liver disease

Nowadays it’s possible to identify three major liver ailments related to alcoholism. It is steatosis (fatty liver) and cirrhosis, and alcoholic hepatitis.

Fatty liver

Liver obesity (fatty liver) is a disorder where degeneration of liver tissues into fatty tissue happens. Fatty hepatosis both affects both women and men. The motives that could result in this condition are numerous. However the most common is the misuse of fatty foods and alcohol. Liver obesity may also develop because of metabolic disorders, vitamin and protein infertility, and chronic toxicity using specific toxic chemicals — higher risk of illness for people with diabetes.

Frequently, patients have been disturbed by indigestion and sometimes nausea, a feeling of heaviness in the ideal hypochondrium. With the development of this disease may happen an overall deterioration of patients complain of fatigue, tiredness, diminished performance. Sometimes, jaundice may grow, accompanied by damaging skin. Frequently, patients raise the liver; individuals with an asthenic body can independently feel its advantage. Its surface will be smooth and smooth, but if pressed on the border of the liver, patients may undergo pain.

Cirrhosis of liver

Cirrhosis is an irreversible disease that’s the last phase of various chronic liver pathologies — a severe condition which needs acute and prolonged therapy. But, completely different facets may be the causes of the pathology, many of which might be accessible, if not to treatment, then to restrain. Within this report, we’ll analyse in detail the causes of cirrhosis and methods for its prevention.

Alcoholic hepatitis

Symptoms of liver disease caused by alcohol.

Alcoholic hepatitis – liver disorder, where inflammation within the body occurs because of the systematic utilisation of high doses of alcohol.
Someone who has alcoholic hepatitis doesn’t pose a threat to other people, unlike patients with a viral disease which may be transmitted through the blood of a sick individual.

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